Promoting core stability and movement efficiency.

Pilates Class

Wendy Langlands is our resident Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist, she has undergone specific training that mixes her extensive Physiotherapy knowledge and skills with the Pilates techniques which come together to form a beautiful practice. With the combination of mind body connection and correct movement practices Pilates can help with inefficiencies and imbalances in the body. 


When you join in the Clinical Pilates class it is vital that you get an initial consultation with Wendy for an individualised musculoskeletal and postural evaluation. This enables Wendy to be able to tailor each session to all participants.


Pilates is aimed at improving muscular activity at the core. You will learn how to engage your deep abdominal muscles (Transverse Abdominis) and move with stability from your pelvic floor, abdominals, gluteus muscles all the way through to your shoulder girdle. Once you have a strong awareness and ability in the core you will be able to move with efficient motor movement.


Clinical Pilates helps to correct any motor inefficiencies and imbalances in the body.


Integrates the deep musculature systems with the peripheral muscles

Reinforces optimal breathing patterns during exercise.  Breathing is your first and last act in life, it is integral and often taken for granted the power we get from learning proper breathing techniques. Breathing properly helps in exercise and daily life.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates


  • ​Improves postural pain

  • Improves basic pain

  • Improves movement

  • Control during daily tasks & exercise

  • Facilitates the recruitment of correct muscles and overall motor control

  • Works as an adjunct to "hands on" physiotherapy in the management of musculoskeletal conditions

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Senior Physio/Clinical Pilates

B Phys Ed, Dip Physio, Adv Dip Manip,

Rehabilitation Specialist.