BHsc Physio, P.G.Dip, MSK

Gemma was born and bred in Whangarei. She studied in Auckland to gain her bachelor degree then returned to Whangarei to do her first few new graduate years with Whangarei Physio.

She then moved to London with her now husband to do her OE and gain valuable experience as a physiotherapist in a busy London gym.

She then moved back to NZ and started her postgraduate diploma while living in Auckland. She then returned to Whangarei and Whangarei Physio, finished her postgraduate studies, got married and had two children.

Gemma treats all injuries but enjoys treating necks/headaches as well as feet and ankles. She has also recently completed her training to treat vertigo patients.

She enjoys an active lifestyle (where possible with 2 young children!) and would love to return to playing hockey soon. Gemma loves her work/life balance in Whangarei and looks forward to meeting you soon.