Build Your Best Body (BYBB):


- Is an injury holding you back from becoming your best self?

- Do you feel your progress is constantly being derailed by injuries and you never seem to get anywhere?

- Do you feel like you go from therapist to therapist getting a quick fix and a band-aid for an injury only to have the same injury flare up later?

- Are you inwardly fearful that your body isn’t capable of doing what you want it to do, so instead of risking injury you just don’t go there?

- Are you sick of looking in the mirror and feeling like you aren’t capable and your body isn’t where it should be?

- Do you want to feel strong, capable and enjoy all the activities you want to experience and live up to your potential?


If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions then Build your Best Body could be the answer for you!


With a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy combined with almost 20 years of experience and a love of strength training for 25 years Sports Physiotherapist Hal Blank offers you a solution.


Who is build your best body designed for?

BYBB is designed for someone who is committed to making a change, improving themself and overcoming injuries. Commitment is key, you need to be prepared to do the work and complete the exercises week in, week out. This program is for someone who want’s to improve themselves but doesn’t know where to start or what to do. You may have already tried some things yourself or have been given advice from others, which just has not worked.


How does it work?

Utilising evidence-based and sound principles in physiotherapy and exercise science, combined with all of Hal’s experience, you are assessed individually to find out your goals, discover your weak spots and muscle imbalances. Then a program is put together to repair all the chinks in your armor and transform you into the person you want to be and enable you to live the life you want to live!


BYBB solutions


1. Individual Training Programs – These are designed for people who already go to the gym (or work out from home) but have an injury holding them back. Hal will work with you to put together a program that helps you overcome your injury, build strength and capacity for load in your body, iron out your weak spots and prevents injury in the future.


2. Individual 1:1 Rehabilitation – Hal works with you 1:1 to overcome your injuries. With a tailored rehab program, you will build a strong and resilient body and achieve your goals.

Email Hal – for more info.


3. Muscle balance rehab classes – Join a group of 8 for weekly sessions over 10 weeks to achieve muscle balance and strengthen your body. Using evidence based and sound principles for injury prevention Hal works with you in a group setting to iron out your weak spots. Encompassing injury screening and muscle balance testing this program will find the weak links in your chain from your feet to your head and provide you with the exercises and strategies to overcome these. This program is ideal for overcoming injury, enhancing performance and reducing injury risk.


Class times:

Tuesdays 5.30 – 6.30 @ Base Body 475b Kamo Road

Start date to be confirmed.